We help you with difficult conversations


A safer process to express yourself and be heard (even when that seems impossible).

Do you have a tough negotiation ahead?

Equip yourself to increase your chances of a constructive outcome

Are you facing a distressful situation with someone?

Take the lead and invite them to a safe mediation to clear things up with you

Are you seeking justice for victims of abuse?

Work with us on a Restorative Justice process to repair harm in the aftermath

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We combine the most effective conflict-resolution tools from the Harvard Negotiation Project and The Business Plan for Peace, with trauma-informed techniques that regulate emotions and co-create outcomes.


We facilitate a process based on invitations. We unpack underlying conflicts and prepare those involved to meet in a safe setting. Our clients have experienced unexpected turn arounds and positive outcomes with our intervention.

Feel relief and reassurance

Open the doors to transform hurt feelings into peace of mind

The best resolution is worked out by the people involved

Give yourself the chance to listen to other perspectives and to tell your own story in a safe, non-judgmental environment supported by our experienced team.

Discuss what matters the most with less stress and more success. Stay balanced regardless of how the other person responds. Manage strong emotions: yours and theirs.


Genuine resolution requires coherent Heart & Mind

Integrate both rational and emotional responses