Mediator & Communication Advisor

A skilled mediator with notable presence of mind, Anaisa is trained to defuse potentially explosive situations. Clients have experienced unexpected turn arounds and positive outcomes with her intervention, even when resolution seemed unattainable.

Anaisa has mediated tough conversations in business settings and has coached high-level executives in communication. She has also facilitated family dynamics for Family Offices. Anaisa is a trauma-informed professional, experienced in sensitive cases involving moral damage and misconduct.

Her work is highly inspired by the Harvard Negotiation Project, co-founded by William Ury, mentor of Horácio Falcão, Anaisa’s professor at INSEAD. Moreover, Anaisa was directly mentored by Scilla Elworthy, nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. The set of trainings that prepared Anaisa for this work include psychoanalysis, behavioural coaching, and a wide range of mindfulness techniques for body-mind integration.

We have helped people with all kinds of difficult conversations

Safe mediation is safer route to navigate delicate situations. With our support, you can address what is at stake without having to avoid or confront people. We are specialised in complex scenarios involving several people with charged emotions.

We have a unique combination of skills for effective results. We are not only equipped with first-class mediation techniques, but we also have a strong presence of mind, making it safer for all people involved to move towards a common ground.



Kamela integrates a variety of skills as an experienced Transformational and Integrative Mediator, Restorative Justice Facilitator, Transformational Relationship Coach, and EFT/Tapping Practitioner.

As a former lawyer, she provides a holistic approach to conflict resolution, encouraging the emotional side of the dispute to be addressed with empathy while simultaneously creating solutions to the financial and legal sides of the dispute. Kamila is an expert on dispute resolution for families who want to repair and preserve their relationships rather than to sue each other in court.

Kamela is highly emotionally-intuitive; she is known for helping her mediation clients identify the emotions that are underlying the dispute and then using emotional release techniques and restorative healing processes to clear the space and make way for resolutions to unfold.

Graduated undergrad as Valedictorian from Santa Clara University with a law degree from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, Kamela became a DRPA certified mediator in 2010. She is the former President of the Board of Directors at Community Boards, a community mediation non-profit in San Francisco. She is martial arts practitioner, dancer and spiritual counselor.

Sometimes things go wrong in massive scale, and there is one under attack for causing negative impact

Safe mediation implements an accountability process to involve, to the extent possible, those who have a stake in a specific offense. We help them to collectively identify and address harms, needs and obligations, in order to repair harm and put things as right as possible.

We mange a process that provides a safe space for those who were harmed to share their story and be heard. This process also supports the ones who caused the harm; providing a space to share their perspective and intentions, and to account for their actions and transform their behavior.


Mediation Coordinator

Denyse takes the lead and is the point of contact throughout the mediation process.

She is responsible for conducting intake, scheduling sessions, and maintaining the mediation calendar. Above all, Denyse coordinates all the activities for the Accountability Processes based on Restorative Justice.

Denyse provides the parties involved with an “independent ear” regarding their complaints. She maintains trusting relationships with all, and provides clear and frequent communication about the process and steps involved.

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