Coaching & Advice

Sessions to bring perspective and prepare you for challenging communication. That can include reviewing written communication, rehearsing and roleplay, crafting strategies for negotiation and conflict mitigation.

Mediation Package

A tailor made process for mediation between two parties, including a preparation call with each counterpart to unpack underlying conflicts and to brief them prior to meet in a safe setting under our neutral mediation.

Restorative Justice Process

Restorative Justice is an innovative, participatory, and inclusive approach to situations of abuse. It gives the opportunity for those directly affected to communicate about the consequences and address their needs. Moreover, those accused can better understand the impact of their action, take responsibility for it, and prevent harm from happening again.


Are you skeptical?

You might have been struggling with this complex issue for a long time, and the people involved are not easy to deal with. How can we possibly make a difference?