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As part of the International School of Temple Arts’ (ISTA’s) efforts to consciously address the concerns that have come to light regarding challenging interactions between ISTA facilitators/organizers and participants, ISTA has hired Safe Mediation to support in these healing processes as a neutral third party. To reiterate, we are a neutral third-party that provides a safer container for students and other relevant parties to enter in a restorative dialogue with ISTA.

Safe-Mediation has experience with mediations and accountability processes in the field of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. Our work is based on Restorative Justice and involves active participation from those harmed and those who caused the harm. We focus on equalising unhealthy communication styles and/or power dynamics, so the parties can move closer towards a collective resolution. We use various conflict resolution techniques that center around accountability, empowerment, healing and transformation.

Meet the Safe-Mediation Team

Denyse Ford
Denyse FordCoordinator
Denyse is a great listener and provides clear updates to all parties involved in this process. She is a facilitator in Tao Tantric Arts and has coordinated accountability processes in the field of sacred sexuality.
Anaisa Seneda
Anaisa SenedaMediator
Anaisa has experience with emotionally charged cases involving moral damage and sexual trauma. Trained in clinical psychoanalysis, behavioral coaching, and ayurvedic psychology, she facilitates difficult communication and supports the co-regulation of the nervous system in mediated feedbacks.
Kamela Love
Kamela LoveMediator
Kamela is a former lawyer, trained in emotional release techniques and shamanic healing, bringing a holistic approach to conflict resolution. She is not only a tantra-positive mediator but also a sacred sexuality practitioner and facilitator.

Confidentiality & Transparency

Everything you share with Safe-Mediation is strictly Confidential. That means neither your name nor your story is disclosed without your consent.

Both confidentiality and transparency are key to building trust among all people involved. The process is co-created by all involved, so there is a shared sense of responsibility in place to use information as a tool for growth and collective awareness.

1. Fill out the Contact Form below. It will get the ball rolling and bring structure to your process. Only the Safe Mediation team will have access to the messages received.

2. After your intake form has been submitted, our Mediation Coordinator, Denyse, will follow up with you within 3 business days. We will schedule a private Zoom call with you to dive deeper into understanding your perspectives on what happened, to discuss the various aspects of a mediated feedback process, and to address any questions, expectations, or concerns you may have.

3. The Safe-Mediation team will lay out the recommended steps for you to take, based on what you hope to achieve with this restorative process. Then you get to choose how you want to move forward. Every step is an invitation. Nothing is forced or rushed. You may opt for using our Mediators to facilitate a live zoom session with the ISTA facilitator/organizer you had a challenging experience with and/or you may choose to exchange written communication between you and a given ISTA facilitator/organizer with the counsel and editing support of our Mediators.

We will support you with genuine empathetic listening every step of the way. We understand how important communication is for healing. We will use our highly attuned set of conscious conflict resolution tools to facilitate communication between you and the ISTA person you’d like support with. We also understand that your expectations or desires may change over the course of the process and we will be flexible and flow with you as we work together to create healing and accountability.

Has the Safe-Mediation Team ever participated in any ISTA trainings?

Over the past five years, Kamela has participated and assisted ISTA trainings. However, while she is working as a Mediator to support the repair of grievances that have occurred in the ISTA field, she will not be participating in any ISTA trainings. We feel this is the best route for Kamela to establish and maintain her role as a neutral third-party. Denyse and Anaisa have never joined any ISTA trainings. If you have any questions or concerns about Kamela’s past involvement in ISTA trainings, please contact us through the contact form below on this page.

– Any other questions about this process? Let us know in the form below.

Contact Form

Please use the intake form below to tell us more about you and how you came across this mediated feedback process. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or requests regarding a mediation process with ISTA. Specifically let us know if you want to book a call with us to discover what the next steps for you could be.

Please share any relevant information about your background that would be helpful for us to know. You can use this form to write us a message explaining what happened between you and an ISTA facilitator/organizer that was challenging.

We want this process to be supportive for all involved and we are open to your suggestions and feedback to make this process even better.

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