Mediation Training for Practitioners

Rather than imposing a decision, a trained mediator applies communication skills, objectivity, and creativity to help people reach their own voluntary solutions to the conflict. Trying to enter a difficult conversation without the right tools or neutral support can be complicated. Learn how to think like a mediator, and apply this skill in your daily life. By engaging in this mediation training, you will be able to help your community members to get along better—and get back to co-creating a shared purpose.

This training is designed for those who are already practicing mediation and negotiation, and also for those who want to pursue a mediation career. In this training, we refine your communication skills, especially when it comes to situations involving highly intense emotions. We go deep into what it takes to embody the mediator and build resources to hold complex disputes without getting drained. I

The training is live online, in modules. Enrollment will be open soon. Please sign up for our newsletter below to be notified.

EnIn this training, you will learn the exclusive Safe Mediation method. The modules are practical and experiential.