Community Process with Buddhi Dana

Welcome to the Safe Mediation page dedicated to addressing any concerns or issues related to experiences with Buddhi Dana. We invite individuals that had past interactions with him which may have resulted in negative experiences to speak with us and to share your story. We will hold your hearts and nervous systems tenderly in this process, as we know it can be challenging to share experiences of such intimate and sensitive nature.

At Safe Mediation, we are committed to facilitate a process for Buddhi Dana to be held accountable for his actions and contributions to any past encounters that might have affected another person in a negative way. We have his genuine commitment to listen to feedback, learn, and take responsibility for his actions.

In order to provide the utmost safety and care, we are offering the option of simply sharing your story with us in a confidential environment. This means we would not give your name to Buddhi and there is no expectation nor obligation to talk to him directly. It is incredibly useful for us to hear about your experience as we collect information to support Buddhi in his process of understanding how past encounters have resulted in an unfavorable outcome. We will listen to your story with a loving and empathetic ear which often supports people in their own process of healing and integration of the prior event they shared with us. After hearing your story, we would add it to our pool of data that we will periodically share with Buddhi, never sharing your name with him if you want to remain anonymous.

That said, if you desire more than just sharing your story with us, our skilled team of mediators is available to facilitate a mediated conversation with you and Buddhi, where we act as a completely neutral 3rd party to support you to have a safe space to dialogue about the past interaction and to create some form of closure, healing, and accountability. We are not pro-Buddhi and we are not anti-Buddhi; rather, we are pro-empathetic listening, pro-healing, and pro-accountability. Our role is to create and uphold an environment of respectful communication and compassionate listening as we facilitate communication between you and Buddhi, typically over Zoom. A benefit of working with Safe Mediation is that any and all conversations with our involvement are protected with legal confidentiality rules meaning the content of these mediated conversations cannot be used against anyone in a court of law. If you feel called to this process of mediated conversations with Buddhi, he is ready to listen and to take responsibility for his actions.

We appreciate Buddhi’s engagement in this process of self-responsibility and healing. We understand that this process may not be perfect and that everyone’s needs may not be met; nonetheless, our shared intention is to create the safety to facilitate communication exchanges with mutual understanding, trust, and receptivity. We believe this process amounts to many steps in the right direction.

We want to assure you that we hold these processes with the utmost care. We take all concerns seriously and will do everything in our power to make the process as safe as possible for all people desiring to take a sincere role in any healing and repair process with Buddhi.

If you would like to speak with us directly, please fill out the form below. We will reach out to you to schedule a confidential call or video chat to discuss any concerns and/or questions you may have. We are committed to creating a supportive and understanding environment for you to share your story.

Please note: Safe Mediation is not holding an official public accountability process for Buddhi. This process has been initiated by Buddhi and is first and foremost coming from his personal openness and willingness to address allegations and statements that have been brought forth by individuals online including via social media. By stepping into this process voluntarily, Buddhi is taking a proactive approach to address claims and criticisms in a safe space with a foundation to resolve such claims with respect and fairness through a process of consensus.

Thank you for considering sharing your experience with us.