Mediation means different things to different people. Many believe that mediation is something you do when you want to restore a relationship with someone. What if you don’t want to be friends with the person you have issues with? Or, what if you are already in amicable communication with someone? Then mediation is not for you, right? Actually, that’s not necessarily true.

Mediation is a powerful tool to get a difficult message across, to get your voice heard, to experience healing, and to restore a sense of justice and accountability. Safe Mediation is not aiming to make people friends or act nice to each other. We are here to facilitate a space where issues can be truly addressed without avoidance or defensiveness. We are here to help people get through difficult conversations by creating a space where mediation participants commit to truly listen to each other. The bottom line of mediation is that we facilitate an environment where communication is delivered respectfully and the listener is encouraged to deeply reflect on the other person’s experience.