Most people already tried to communicate a pressing issue to those who caused them harm. They did so either via direct approach, letter or through an intermediary. In many cases, unfortunately, the counterpart either neglected them or adopted a defensive position. You might think your counterpart will never listen to you because you already tried in the past. You might have even tried mediation before and you felt the mediator was biased against you or not skilled enough to hold the conversation well. You might be thinking your counterpart will just say the “right words” without being fully authentic. This is probably very exhausting, time-consuming, and draining, therefore, investing more time in this process creates contractions in your body. We get it. Your nervous system wants to protect you from getting drained again! We agree it takes a skilled neutral & professional mediator to catch and prevent destructive communication traits and unbalanced power dynamics. And that is Safe Mediation’s expertise. We have experience handling sensitive conflicts from an emotionally-attuned and trauma-informed lens. Our mediators are trained in mental health and have spent years consciously developing their emotional intelligence and ability to attune to sensitive situations with integrity and clarity.